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About the Real X-Files

The Purpose of the real x-files archive is to entertain, inform,and maybe surprise you.The page is for believers, as well as non-believers in the UFO Phenomena. I have to admit I,myself am a skeptic as well. But I am not a "Dana Scully" type skeptic. I want to believe something is out there, that the truth is really out there or this world, this universe will seem very boring. So in my quest for the truth I submitted Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) to many government agencies including the Air force, CIA, NSA and almost all of the intelligence agencies,requesting all documents pertaining to UFOs, The Roswell crash and anything pertaining to them. I had no idea of the amount of information I was going to receive back. Literally Piles and Piles of documents, memos, Intel reports etc. Some very interesting stuff was found within those documents. Evidence that the Government knows more than it says it does. I also received some hassle from the government, the old run-around routine, and a very interesting phone call from the Pentagon. Unfortunately I wasn't home to receive the phone call and my father answered the phone. He told me that a lady,who didn't give her name, called from the Pentagon to verify my (FOIA) request. she was very serious, and when my dad told her jokingly that he was afraid that the "Men in Black" would be after me. She replied very seriously "We don't do that...anymore". When he told me about the call I didn't know how to react. I think its funny now, but it just goes to show that this world is probably weirder than we think. Anyway as I go through the documents I will post them Periodically. I am also including a archive of UFO Photos I have collected and these too will be updated.

As for the Science fiction, I am dedicating a section the the TV x-files the best UFO show and sci-fi show on TV. I will also have other elements of the sci-fi world on display as well as links to my favorite x-files and sci-fi sites.

So enjoy the page now, watch for coming attractions and remember THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

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