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UFOS, A Closer Look: This www page is dedicated to presenting the truth
CUFON: The Computer UFO Network
Alberta UFO Research Association (AUFORAWEB): A UFO Research Foundation
Alien Autopsy: Faked or Fiction: How to make your own alien autopsy video
Alien On Line: The Alien Alternative Page
Alien Software: Extraterrestrial Video Game
Alien Surfer: Kinda Weird! Check it Out!
Alien Visitor Website: A good UFO site.
Alien/UFO Information: What it lacks in graphics it makes up content
AlienQ: Check out this site!
Aliens,Aliens,Aliens: Its about Aliens!
Aliens Among Us: One word: SPOOKY
Are we alone?: Space the final frontier?
The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): A respected research foundation
Area 51 Page: A nice page
The Ultimate UFOLOGISTS WWW Page: A excellent page
Area 51 Research Site: Military facility, social phenomenon, and state of mind
Brian Zeilers UFO Page: Science, Logic, and the UFO debate
CONTACT: The web page for believers
The Center for the study of Extrateresstrial life (CSETI): Fed site=don't expect the truth
EON 4: See for yourself
National UFO Reporting Center: Seen a UFO?
Real Aliens: The Galactic Enquirer
Stanton Friedmans Home Page: UFO investigator and part time nuclear physicist
UFO FOLKLORE: Nice site Check it out!
Whitley Striebers Homepage: The Communion Homepage
A Spanish UFO Site: Home of the chupacabra

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