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Agent Dana Scully


Agent Scully

X-File Dossier Number X73317

Name : Dana Katherine Scully, M.D.
Height : 5' 3"
Weight : (unknown)
Hair : Red
Eyes : Green
Date of birth : February 23rd, 1964
Birthplace : Chicago, Illinois

Address : 3170 W., 53rd Road, #35, Annapolis, MD
Telephone : (202) 555-6431 (home), 555-3564 (cellular)
E-Mail :
Marital status : Unmarried
Father's name : Captain William Scully, USN. Died in December 1993.
Mother's name : Margaret "Maggie" Scully
Siblings : Elder brother William Jr, elder sister Melissa (deceased) and younger brother Charles.

Education : B.Sc. (Physics), University of Maryland, 1986 ; Medical degree from unspecified college.
Publications : "Einstein's Twin Paradox : A New Interpretation", senior thesis

ID Number : 2317-616
Current rank : Special Agent
Weapon : Smith and Wesson 1076, previously also used a Bernadelli 7.65, Walther PPK and Sig-Sauer P228

Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully was recruited to the FBI straight out of medical school, having previously obtained an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Maryland. She also taught for 2 years at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, before she was assigned to the X-Files section to watch on Mulder.

She is, by nature, a skeptic and does not believe in the paranormal, seeking a rational, scientific explanation for "unexplained" events. Although she herself has not witnessed any explicit paranormal activity, she has had experience with unexplained phenomena on occasion, which might have shaken her beliefs.

Scully was raised as a Catholic, and still wears a little cross on a necklace. She drinks her coffee with cream, no sugar. She was shot once in the course of duty, wearing a protective bullet-proof vest, although she was not hurt. Her best friend is named Ellen and her godson is Trent.

In October 1994, she was abducted by fugitive Duane Barry and given up in exchange to unknown forces. Three months later, she was discovered in a deep coma in the Intensive Care Unit of North Georgetown University Hospital. There were no witnesses or records of her admission. Upon regaining consciousness, she has since returned to duty. In April 1995, a bungled attempt on her life by Agent Alex Krycek resulted in the death of her sister, Melissa.