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Picture 1: The classic flying saucer
Picture 2: UFO spoted over house in russia
Picture 3: A top-like UFO
Picture 4: Two UFOs flying together
Picture 5: Brilliant, Glowing UFO
Picture 6: Its a Flying Disk!
Picture 7: Fireball looking UFO
Picture 8: Alleged photo by George Adamski
Picture 9: Another alleged photo by Geoge Adamski
Picture 10: another photo by George
Picture 11: Yet another photo by george!
Picture 12: Allegedly a photo of a top secret plane created from back engineered UFOs
Picture 13: A UFO over White sands,New Mexico
Picture 14: A UFO over Massachusetts in 1952
Picture 15: An up close photo of the classic flying disk
Picture 16: A UFO spotted in Uruguay
Picture 17: Another UFO spotted over Uruguay
Picture 18: A UFO photographed by Ed Walters
Picture 19: Another Photo by Walters
Picture 20: Another photo by Ed Walters
Picture21: Flying Saucer

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