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Summary of UFO Document 3

     Office Memorandum         United States Government

To:  Carroll L. Tyler, Area Manager            DATE: DECEMBER 21, 1948
     Santa Fe Operations Office
From:John A. Carroll, Chief Inspector,
     Atomic Energy Security Service

SUBJECT:Appearance of phenomena at Los Alamos Project


     Since 12 December 1948, intermittent reports have been submitted
     to this office by Security Inspectors on night patrol duty, con-
     cerning the appearance of rapidly moving lights in the vicinity
     of the Los Alamos project.  These lights are described in the
     Various reports as being brilliant green, flying at an unknown
     altitude and of possessing the general appearance of a ball of
     fire approximately one fourth the size of a full moon.  Further
     information regarding the impressions of the observers is con-
     tained within this report.

     At 2340 on 12 December 1948, the AESS Duty Officer received a
     report that Dr. Lincoln La Paz of the University of New Mexico,
     a Major Phillips of the U.S. Air Force and a Lt. Allen Clark of
     The CAP were at Security Station 101 and were requesting that they
     be allowed to contact someone in authority regarding an incident
     of importance.  The duty officer contacted Dr. La Paz and his party
     at station 101 and after conferring with them, notified the Chief
     Inspector of the AESS.  Upon arriving at station 101 and after making
     an estimate of the importance of the information volunteered by Dr.
     La Paz, the Chief Inspector notified the Director of Security who 
     dispatched Mr. Sidney Newburger to act as his representative.

     Dr. La Paz's statement is included in substance below:

     Dr. La Paz mentioned that reports have been forwarded to him from
     sources in various parts of the country, particulary the Hanford
     Washington AEC installation, regarding the appearance of "Flying
     Green Lights".  These reports had been originated by astronomers,
     airline pilots and other apparently reliable sources.

     He stated that he had personally observed such phenomenon between
     2100 and 2103 on 12 December 1948, the date of his journey to Los
     Alamos.  He further stated that he was firmly convinced (as were
     other astronomers) that the objects were man made and were not
     meteorites or any other celestial body.  He expressed the
     opinion that the object he saw was approximately four degrees above
     the horizon and was traveling in a path parallel to the ground, pos-
     ssessing a relatively flat trajectory.  Its direction was apparently
     north-west to south east.  He said that a similar object had been 
     sighted one week before in the vicinity of Albuquerque.


(Note: this appears to be some of the first appearances of a fireball
 ufo known as a "Foo Fighter". Let it also be noted that Los Alamos is in
 the Vicinity of Roswell)