"Real" X-Files- UFO Documents

The Documents listed below were obtained from Various parts of the government, using the Freedom of Information Act. They range from interesting reports to bizarre encounters. Most of them show that the government knows more than it says it does. For more information on how I obtained these documents CLICK HERE.

The Files

1. UFO Document: Formerly classified document about an encounter between a Iranian F-4 Phantom and a UFO.
2. UFO Document: Appearance of a "Foo Fighter" over the Los Alamos facility.
3. UFO Document: Documented contact between a officer and a flying disk over Kirtland Air Force Base.
4. UFO Document: Document showing the extent of the governments secrecy concerning UFOs.
5. UFO Document: Amazing account of contact between a strange object and the airforce at RAF Woodbridge AFB.

The Files have been Infilitrated times.

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